Featured Postcards

Every week, illustrator Carmonamedina highlights the human side of the city. In his images, the capital becomes a multifaceted character in and of itself. These postcards are testaments to our time, a homage to an exciting and awesome metropolis changing at an ever-accelerating pace.

Postcards from Washington DC began in 2016 as a personal challenge to produce one postcard a week. Having recently moved to DC from Toulouse, France, Carlos used this project as an excuse to become familiar with the city. Posting his work online - Reddit, most notably - to keep himself accountable, it soon gained the support of the local community.

Guided not by any single style or technique, Carlos instead allows the city to dictate the mood for the week's image. From large paintings to digital illustrations, the postcards are the result of a long process of research that involves bike rides, live sketching, photographs, maps and museum visits.