There is no such thing as a straight line 〰️

illustrations texture

Zoom in close enough to anything, and you'll notice irregularities. Even a laser beam is slightly curved, as light bends due to the Earth’s gravitational field.

I often think about this when drawing. While I admire artists who master vector shapes and clean lines, I find myself drawn to a different approach. My compositions rarely have clear lines; instead, they’re filled with brushes and splashes. Some might call it a lack of patience or a fear of empty space, but I see it as an adventurous pursuit of the unexpected.

Much like life's journey, my lines are slightly chaotic and messy. Despite doing most of my drawings on a tablet these days, I aim to mimic the imperfection of analog drawing. Why click "undo" when you can erase and draw over? The result is often more dynamic and visually engaging.

Here are some close-ups that I’m particularly proud of. Click on the images to see the full illustration.

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